Current Job:

I'm currently the Innovation and Development Manager at Newtone Technologies (Lyon) in real time embedded systems for color surface appearance analysis and fast color image processing.

Curriculum Vitae:

Matthieu Jomier - CV.pdf Matthieu Jomier - CV.pdf


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2007-07-20 - FR20060000383 20060116 
FR2896326 (A1) - 2007/07/20 - G07D7/12; G06K9/00;   G07D7/00; G06K9/00


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Projects in progress
Palm OS based software for creating Imagine Pipeline on Palm
PHP Movie Manager: Personal movies manager with user rating developped in PHP and MySQL database
Dashboard Watcher: MFC based application for real time dashboard (DART) update developpement with VS-C++ 2008

Lastest News

I recently finished developing my new tool VolRender in order to create a 3D rendering of my real brain (MRI scan):

The skin was extracted from the T1 image and rendered with an isocontour filter.
The brain was extracted from the T2 image and rendered with volume rendering
The fibers were rendered using ITK Spatial Objects

Here is a screenshot of my brain in 3D.

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