Signal and Image Processing

Description :
 Signal and image processing is one of my favorite field. I used to developed new algorithm for medical or colorimétric applications. I'm specialised in morphological and registration process as well as 2D or 3D components comparison.

Knowledge :
 Programming langage: .NET, C/C++
     Programming tools: Microsoft VC++ 2008
     Special libraires: VTK, ITK , FLTK, QT (Trolltech/Nokia)

Examples :

Fiber Viewer is a medical sofware developped in C/C++ to analyze DTi fibers extracted from fMRI datasets. It displays the fiber bundles and display cerebral activities.

This software allows you to calculate the head circumference based on MRI data. It uses fourier harmonics to parametrize the contour of the head and gives the length of this contour.

DTIChecker is a tool to check and correct DTI data. You can check slice artifacts and motion artifacts between shots. It also creates the best average of differents shots.

Valmet is a tool to improve segmentations using specific algorithms in 2D and 3D.
Valmet has a 2D/3D display to show the differences.

This software is used for colorimetric analysis. It display color measurment in 2D and 3D on the chromaticity diagram. It computes automatically standard error (CIE 94 CIE76 and CIE2000) and gives you all the information about color analysis (metamerism, angular analysis, etc ..)
ColorSkin is a specific tool that register images in a same color space. Based on a target colorspace, it compute a specific transformation for all the images. Then, you can analysis regions and export results to ColorGraph

Software Development

Description :
 During all my experiences, I created several software. Firstly developped in Pascal then VB, .NET and C/C++. Now, I try to develop cross-platform softwares in order to make them compatible on all hardware machine.

Knowledge :
 Programming langage: Pascal, VB, .NET, C/C++
     Programming tools: Microsoft VC++, Visual Basic
     Special libraires: VTK, ITK , FLTK, QT (Trolltech/Nokia)

Examples :

This software was developed for medical visitor management. Connected with a MS Access database, doctors can validate their schedules. This software was developed in C++ with Borland C++ Builder.
This medical software is used to generate Ruffier-Dickson indexes. It generates 'tops' during the effort and gives you a nice display of your results.
Image Processing ToolKit (IPtk)
IPtk is an imaging toolkit based on graphical pipeline. It allows you to connected several module (algorithm, display etc ...) together and then generate automatically C/C++ code source. You can also use it as a prototyping tool. This software was developed in C/C++ with MS Visual Studio.

BatchMake is a cross platform tool for batch processing of large amount of data. BatchMake can process datasets locally or on distributed systems using Condor.
I started the development of this software in 2004. This tool is now distributed by the kitware company.


Electronic and Embedded development

Description :
 Due to my double formation in Electronic and Signal processing, I was able to design electronic devices and integrate signal and image processing onchip. I generaly used CCD sensors or colorimetric sensors.

Knowledge :
 Board conception: Proteus (ARES, ISIS) adn routing
     Electronic conception: components PCB, Package
     Electronic integration: solding, testing
     Optical analysis
     Embedded development: PIC, DSP (Analog Device), AVR, FPGA (Altera)

Examples :

Conception and building of a CCD Camera
This project was a real challenge because I have to create the full electronic boards around a CCD matrix (Thomson TH7852). This camera is cold by Pelletier modules. The conception of the electronic with analogic to digital convertor and power management was really interresting. The software was developpement in assembler and pascal.
Embedded image processing
Based on a linear CCD camera, the goal was to integrate image processing in real time in VHDL on an ALTERA Flex 10K FPGA.
Fast colorimetric analysis board
This electronic board is composed of specific lights for colorimetric analysis. A spectral sensor coupled with a DSP is used to analyse the reflected color of an object in real time.
Color Diagnostic Device
The prupose of this device is to analyse the evolution of the color within a chemical reaction. We design the colorimetric sensor and develop all the product from the electronic board to the outside box.

Web Development

Description :
 During past years, I spent time to create website static and dynamic. This give me the opportunity to express my creativity. I coded all the HTML and PHP table and created all the logos and images with Adobe Photoshop.

Knowledge :
 Language: HTML, PHP, AJAX, SQL, Javascript, Flash
     Database: MySQL
     Tools: MacroMedia DreamWeaver, Flash MX, Adobe Photoshop
     Web Server configuration: DNS, Email, IP, Linux installation and setup server (Ubuntu)

Examples :

Colorimetric Website
Color measurment website designed for my company Newtone
Astronomical Website
Website dedicated to astronomy. You can find photos and information on how to build a CCD camera.
NeuroLib Website
Website for software development at Neuro Image Research and Analysis Laboratories at UNC
PHP Web Search
Inspired by the famous Google, this tool developped in PHP allows you to index all keywords on your website and rank them.
PHP Project Manager
Project manager developped in PHP/MySQL. This website allows you to manage project with task and people.
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