2005-Today : Director of Innovation and Development at Newtone Technologies (Lyon/France )

Job description :
  Innovation and development manager of new embedded devices for colorimetric measurment. Newtone is a French company specialised in spectrometric analysis and specific hardware and software development for color measurment

What I do:
Manage full project development phases
     Customer relation for product specifications and integration
     New devices conception and design
     Manage subcontracting
     Specify timeframe and work for engineers (ressource management)

What I learn :
     Project management from conception to customer integration
     Hardware and embedded software device conception and development
     Fast colorimetric algorithm developpement and analysis (Patent)
     Software developpement with licensing
     CAD (Pro/Engineer) for designing specific pieces.


2003-2005 : Senior software developer for the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Center (North Carolina/USA )

Job description :
     Image processing and software development in C/C++ for the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Center for the Autism research program.

What I did:
Medical imaging fast viewer
     Fibertracking tool for diffusion tensor imaging vizualisation and analysis
     Development of new algorithms for image warping deformation
     Full MRI series analysis for autism early detection

What I learnt :
     Spatial registration (Rigid, Affine and Warping)
     GUI special library (FLTK, QT, ...)
     Special imaging library (ITK, VTK ...)
     Full project management


2002-2003 : Senior software engineer at the Molecular and Ionic Spectroscopy Laboratory ( Lyon/France )

Job description :
     Image processing and software development in C/C++ and Labview.

What I did:
CCD Camera real time image processing in LabView for ionic spectroscopy
     Development of the Image Processing Toolkit (IPTK)
     netCDF 3D image Viewer with fast rendering

What I learnt :
     Hardware specifications for molecular and ionic spectroscopy
     Multiple images format analysis (JPEG, netCDF, ...)
     C/C++ optimisation and Labview interface
     DLL writing for LabView


2001-2002 : VHDL programmer for Delta Technologies (Toulouse/France)

Job description :
     Image processing developer and FPGA programmer.

What I did:
Embedded software development for real time image processing and analysis on a special CCD camera.

What I learnt :
     VHDL programmation
     Real time image processing
     Hardware specifications: ALTERA Flex 10K
     Programming Software: Quartus II, Max+ II, ModelSim, Léonardo Spectrum


2000-2001 : Medical imaging developer at University of North Carolina (USA)

Job description :
Intern in the medical imaging and display analysis group (MIDAG) at University of North Carolina.
     Image processing and C/C++ developer.

What I did:
Software development for 3D surfaces comparison. Valmet is now used for comparing structural segmentations between patients. [

What I learnt :
     Cross platform compilation (Unix, Linux, Windows ...)
     C/C++ fast development
     Ability to use specific librariries (FLTK, VTK, ...)
     Specific medical imaging algorithms development



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